Taxsee Driver Knowledge Base

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and practical tips for working with the app.

To master the subtleties of work, competently communicate with the clients, and find out how to increase your income and rating, tap the necessary tab.

Vehicle condition. How to change your vehicle in the app

The mechanical condition, body, and interior of the vehicle must provide the maximum convenience, comfort and safety for passengers during the trip. Lights, safety belts, and door locks must be in good working order.

Remember, passengers may leave negative feedback if they are dissatisfied with the condition of your vehicle.

In Taxsee Driver, you can change the vehicle you use to complete the orders. To do it, select a vehicle you need from the list of available vehicles in the driver's profile.

There are three ways for you to add your vehicle in this list.

  1. In the app, go to the Menu and tap Show profile → Vehicle → Add vehicle. Fill in the fields and click Add.
  2. In your personal profile, go to the Profile section and select Add a vehicle.
  3. In your personal profile, go to the Feedback section and select the required subject and type of your message. Specify make, licence plate number, colour and year of manufacture of your vehicle.

You will receive a notification on photo verification in Taxsee Driver.

You can delete your vehicle from the list in two ways:

  1. In the Profile section of your personal profile, tap next to the required vehicle.
  2. In the app, go to the Menu and tap Show profile. In the Vehicle section, select the one you need and tap the cross icon.


When passengers get into your car, say hello and check the trip route. Then tap "Let's go" and start driving.

Don't force a conversation on the passenger. If the passenger engages in a conversation first, keep it going and be polite.

When dealing with difficult passengers, be patient, keep calm and try to reach a compromise.

After a trip is complete, passengers can rate it. Good ratings largely depend on how polite and friendly you are.

Order distribution

Orders are distributed by the system automatically, without the help of specialists and operators.

You can receive orders via AUTO, via order proposal, or by requesting them yourself. The system looks for a suitable driver based on many parameters, including:

  • distance between the driver and the pick-up address;

  • whether they have a priority;

  • status: an available driver has more chances than a driver performing an order;

  • rating;

  • car class and condition: the better the car, the bigger the advantage is;

  • whether the driver's car suits the client's requirement: for example, the system will look for a car with an air conditioner if the client specified it in their order.

We try to provide our clients with a fast car arrival and a high level of service. You can affect the order distribution by gaining priority, increasing your rating, and improving your car's condition.

Automatic assignment

The auto-assignment mode allows you to automatically get the nearest orders without additional client wishes. Auto-assignment works only if your GPS is enabled.

Don't decline automatically assigned orders. They are nearby and have no special passenger requests. Fulfilling these orders will save you fuel and time, and cut down on your empty runs.

These orders usually have the lowest commission fee.

Order proposal

The system can propose you the nearest orders so that you won't have to waste your time on selecting them from the list. Whether you enable or disable the AUTO mode, you will still receive proposed orders.

Commission fee for such orders is usually lower. The requests sent with the help of the app have higher priority than the ones you send yourself.

Scheduled orders

You can find the orders placed for a specific time in the Scheduled orders tab. You can select which order to request, and wait for the assignment notification. You can view the assigned scheduled orders in the My scheduled orders tab.

When the order time is about to be due, you will receive a notification saying that you should either start moving towards the client or decline the order. If you ignore the notification, you will receive an automated call with another notification. If you won't pick up the automated call or won't take any actions, you will be unassigned automatically in 2 minutes.

If you have to decline a scheduled order, do so at least 30 minutes before the time appointed by the client. Otherwise, no other driver will be able to assign to the order in time, which will lead to a negative reaction from the client, a low rating and a violation.

Commission fee for such orders is usually lower than for the orders requested for the current time.

Order chain

You can complete orders one by one. During a trip with a passenger, you may be offered another order, whose pick-up address is close to the destination address of your current order. If you are ready to accept the next order in the chain, tap "Confirm". You must confirm the assignment every 5 minutes until the end of your current trip.

You can proactively request the next order for your "Order chain". An order is automatically canceled if it is not started within 15 minutes of being assigned.

"Order chain" will help you minimize your idle time between orders and thus increase your income.

How to work with orders

Most orders are received during rush hours (6:00-9:00 AM and 4:00-8:00 PM). The more orders you take, the more money you get.

Promptly update the "Arrived", "Let's go", and "Complete" statuses.

Tap "Arrived" only after arriving to the pick-up point. Sending the notification prematurely may provoke a conflict, since passengers often monitor the movement of the assigned car on the map.

When your client gets into the vehicle, say hello and clarify the trip details. Make sure that all the addresses are correct. If there is a mistake, notify the client that the trip price will change, and edit the order in your app. After that, tap "Let's go" and start driving.

After you take your passenger to the destination address and receive payment, tap "Complete". Don't close the order prematurely: this will help you avoid a problem if the passenger asks you to continue the trip.

If a trip is almost over, but you haven't marked it as complete in the app, your request for another order will be processed after requests made by drivers with the status "Available" or "Do not assign". Orders will not be assigned automatically until you have set the correct status.

Orders without an exact pick-up address are called "Undefined". When performing such orders, contact the passenger first, clarify his or her location and add the pick-up address in the route editor.

A passenger can create an "Undefined" order by leaving route information on the voicemail. Listen to this information and add it in the route editor.

If you are far from the pick-up address, call the passenger and say that you are on your way and indicate the pick-up address. All your calls are free. You can start the conversation like this: "Hello. I'm a driver with the Maxim taxi ordering service. I'm on my way to you. Are you at {pick-up address}? Are you willing to wait a little?"

When a passenger knows his or her order is in progress, the chances of cancelation and empty run are reduced.

How to continue working on a closed order

You can continue working on an order if it was canceled by mistake, or if, after the order was closed, the client decided they want to go somewhere else.

Go to Orders → Past orders → Select the required order → Actions → Continue working on the order. The system will create an order for the address you are taking the client from.

Clarify the trip route, make changes, if needed, and complete the order.


When you are completing an order for a current time, once the passenger is notified about your arrival at the pick-up address, a timer will start to track the amount of free wait time allotted to the passenger.

When you are completing a scheduled order, the free wait time starts from the scheduled pick-up time, after the passenger has been notified.

In order to properly track the time of paid wait, use the "Start wait" option.

If the client refuses to pay for the wait, do not argue. Do not create conflict situations.


Order add-ons are represented by extras icons. Tap the icon to see the name and amount of an extra.

If the passenger comes out with an animal or luggage, but the extra was not part of the order, talk with the passenger about adding an extra and change the order. Contacting the operator will decrease your rating.

If the passenger refuses to pay for an extra, don't argue. Don't create a conflict.

We recommend that you have a child seat, jumper cables and a tow hitch. These items will let you complete more orders and thus earn more money.

Children under 7

According to traffic laws, children under 7 must ride in a child safety seat.


Hand-carried items (bags, average-sized boxes, small suitcases) which do not interfere with driving are not luggage.

Based on moral and ethical considerations, you shouldn't add a "Luggage" extra for passengers carrying personal medical equipment: crutches, a wheelchair, etc.

Oversize freight

Transporting oversize luggage (such as chairs, skis, a washing machine, etc.) in a passenger vehicle. We recommend that you contact the client and find out the size of the luggage before departing for the order.


Passengers transporting small animals that can be held in their arms do not have to add an extra.

Passenger assistance

If the order does not provide information about the type of assistance required, contact the passenger via the app to clarify it.

If the passenger asks you to buy something, we recommend taking their money, making the purchase and then delivering it to the required address. Take a receipt to confirm the purchase price.

Jump-starting and push-starting

When it's not clear from the order if a client has jumper cables or a tow hitch, contact the passenger to clarify.

The passenger pays for the order even if you can't get the engine to start.

Wait time in minutes

To calculate the time correctly, tap "Start wait" in the "Actions" tab. The icon will display the number of paid minutes that will be added to the order.

Car towing, km

If the order does not indicate the car make and type of tow hitch, contact the client to clarify.

Client debt

Any unpaid balance is added to the order price. At the end of the trip, it will be removed from the total and transferred to the account of the driver to whom the client owes money.

Partner cashback (amount)

This is a fee for a service partner (such as a restaurant, sauna, shop, etc.) for creating an order. The cashback is 10% of the trip price. Such orders are more profitable, since their initial price is increased by 15%.

Completing this order will increase your rating

Orders prioritized by the service, completing them will increase your rating.

Regular client

Orders from our regular customers. Such orders are unlikely to be canceled.

Price increased by (amount)

An extra for an urgent order. We recommend that you accept the order, if you can arrive to the pick-up address quickly.

Meeting with a name sign

Meet the passenger with a sign showing his or her full name. You will have to make the sign yourself.

Change for (amount)

Passengers often want a change for large banknotes. We recommend that you start your shift with some small banknotes. If you don't have enough cash to make change, the shortfall can be transferred from your personal account.


The order price is increased by the amount of tip.

Make a bid

You can select the suggested price or make your own bid. Set a reasonable price. If it is too high, the passengers won't like it. If the passenger agreed to the suggested price, be sure to complete this order.

Order placed through an operator

Orders placed through an operator are more expensive for the clients because their price is increased.

This amount is not your income, and it will be charged off in favor of the contact center. To maintain a positive balance, complete orders with non-cash payment and refill your personal account balance in advance.

You can view details on financial activity in your personal profile: to do it, go to Support - Personal profile - Account activity.

Corporate client. Non-cash payment guaranteed

Orders from organizations which concluded a contract for corporate transportation of their staff or clients with the service. Money from such orders are credited to your personal account. Client can't change payment method because their trip is already paid under the contract.

Flight/train number

Scheduled order can contain a flight number:

Before the plane lands, the client might not be able to reach you to tell you the exact time you can meet them.

You can specify information about the arrival time on the websites with the airport online timetables. For example, search "Arrival table Moscow SU123" in your browser.

If the delay is substantial, you can decline the order without decreasing your rating.

Note! If the flight gets delayed, don't charge your client for the wait because it doesn't depend on them. After the plain arrives, you can discuss the paid wait with the client and add it yourself.

The "Train number" extra works the same way. In the order, you will see this icon:

Route change

During a trip, a passenger may ask you to make a stop somewhere or change the final address. To calculate the price correctly, make the corresponding changes yourself in the route editor. Calling an operator will lower your rating.

Trip payment

Each trip is based on an agreement between the taxi order service, the driver and the passenger. That's why the trip price must be known to all the participants.

When you complete an order, specify the total amount the client paid for the trip. This protects you from negative consequences.

If the client has not paid, complete the order by selecting "The client hasn't paid" option. The unpaid amount will be assigned to the passenger's account as a debt. When payment is made, the money will be credited to your account balance.

If a passenger doesn't have enough money to pay for the trip in full and the shortfall is insignificant, close the order at the full price. Don't create a conflict.


Your rating is a reflection of your performance. It affects your income and how orders are distributed between drivers. The higher your rating, the more orders you get.

The maximum rating is 0.99.

Your rating is calculated daily. The last 30-100 orders that influenced the rating are taken into account:

  1. if there are less than 30 orders, the rating is not calculated;
  2. if there are more than 30 orders but less than 100 of them - they all are taken into account;
  3. if there are more than 100 orders, new orders will "force" the same number of the old ones out of the calculation when recalculating the rating.

The following factors improve your rating:

  1. total number of completed orders — the higher the number, the higher your rating is;
  2. completed auto-assigned orders;
  3. orders completed without contacting an operator;
  4. orders completed during the rush hours from 6:00 to 9:00 AM and from 4:00 to 8:00 PM;
  5. completed scheduled orders;
  6. completed orders marked by a star.

The following factors negatively affect your rating:

  1. declining auto-assigned orders;
  2. declining scheduled orders less than 20 minutes before the appointed time;
  3. canceling orders assigned by a request from the list or via order proposal;
  4. calling operators. The Taxsee Driver app lets you solve various problems without calling an operator;
  5. rendering unsatisfactory services. After an order is complete, the passenger is prompted to rate the trip. Negative feedback decreases your rating;
  6. violating terms of service.

Your rating is recalculated automatically, without involving any employees of the taxi ordering service. Only you can affect your rating by providing high-quality service.

You can calculate your rating using the rating calculator. You can find it in your driver profile on

Suspicious order

Sometimes dishonest people try to defraud drivers.

You can tell a person is a fraudster if they want you to:

  1. give them your personal phone number;
  2. refill their mobile phone balance;
  3. deliver or carry money to someone, or take money from someone;
  4. tell them verification code from SMS, or CVV from the back of your card when making a payment by the card number.

If you have any suspicions, immediately report them to our office or an operator. To avoid becoming an accomplice or victim, you should never give a passenger your phone number.

Transporting money is considered an act of aiding in the commission of a crime and will incur criminal liability.

Photo verification

It's a remote check of a driver's documents and the condition of their vehicle. You will receive a notification about photo verification in Taxsee Driver.

We recommend that you pass photo verification in due time. If you miss the required date, your commission fee will increase, and it will be impossible for you to gain a priority. Also, you won't be able to do the following:

  • transfer change to your client, or prepayment from your account to your card;

  • complete orders with "Comfort" and "Business" rates.

Drivers from Russia won't be able to activate their virtual cards.

If you encounter any issues while taking the photo verification, leave a request using the Feedback feature.

You will need the following photos:

  • Your profile photo. Take a photo of yourself without sunglasses or headwear, like you would for a passport or driver licence.

  • Photos of your vehicle. Take separate photos of the vehicle's front, rear, and left and right sides. The vehicle should be fully visible in all the photos. The licence plate and any advertising materials on your vehicle should be clearly visible.

  • Photos of your identity documents. All your information should be clearly legible and fully visible.

If you encounter any issues while taking the photo verification, leave a request using the Feedback feature.

Lost and found

Before completing a trip, recommend that your passengers check their belongings, and inspect the compartment yourself.

To return the forgotten items to the client, you can call them: go to Orders section → Past orders → select the required trip → tap Actions. Do it within 24 hours after the trip.

If the client doesn't answer your calls, or more than 24 hours have passed since the trip, we recommend that you bring the forgotten items to the police.

Transfer of change

Using this function, you can transfer change from your login's balance if you don't have enough cash. After completing an order, specify the amount paid by the client. Select "Transfer the change to the client" in the opened window. It will help you save time and get positive feedback.

If the passenger wants to pay an unpaid balance from previous trips, use this function to transfer the amount they want to repay. The transferred money will be used to repay the passenger's unpaid balance partially or completely.

First aid in emergency situations

Passengers may experience medical emergencies during a trip. Take them to the nearest hospital, or call and wait for an ambulance.

If a passenger is having an epileptic seizure during a trip, you should:

  1. Stop the car;
  2. Lay the passenger down and turn him or her to one side, to prevent choking on saliva or vomit (don't put anything in the passenger's mouth!);
  3. Wait until the seizure is over.

If the seizure lasts more than 4-5 minutes, call an ambulance.


When performing orders, drive carefully. Observe the speed limit.

Do not break traffic rules, even if a passenger is willing to pay potential fines.

Be patient and respectful to everyone on the road.


Your personal account balance directly influences the maximum order price you can accept for orders paid in cash.

Maintain positive balance and timely refill your account in any convenient way:

  1. from a bank card in the app: Taxsee Driver → Money → Refill your account. Enter the amount and tap "Refill";
  2. in payment terminals. You can find the addresses in the app: Taxsee Driver → Chats → Partner offers → Account replenishment.

You can find your personal account number in the "Services" and "Accounts and cards" sections.

If you don't have enough money on your account to request a cash order, you can complete orders with the "To the account" payment type, so you can refill your balance.

Promo codes

There can be 2 promo codes in the driver's profile in the Taxsee Driver app:

  1. Client promo code;

    Share it with your passengers or your friends. Each new user who activates your promo code in the taxi ordering app will receive bonuses for their trips, and if they fulfill certain conditions, you'll receive a reward specified in terms of the promotion.

  2. Driver recruiter code.

    Share it with a potential driver. They can enter this promo code in their application form while registering on our website.

    You'll get a reward to your personal account if a driver registers at our service using your promo code and fulfills certain conditions.

Child car seat

Children under 7 can be transported in a child restraint suitable for their age and weight:

  • for children from 9 months to 4 years old — a child safety seat with built-in safety belts,
  • for children from 3 to 12 years old — a child safety seat without built-in safety belts.

A booster seat can be used for children taller than 135 cm (4.43 ft).

Children above the age of 7 may be transported using a child restraint in the front seat or using a safety belt with a special adapter in the back seat.

When requesting an order, closely examine the "extras" icons. If you don't have a child restraint, don't request an order that indicates "Children under 7". If you have a child safety seat, but the passenger refuses to put his or her child in it, decline the order. Do not put the child at risk.

Auto-assignment filter

When on shift, you can enable the auto-assignment filter. This lets you receive orders in specific zones.

To activate the filter, go to "Orders" , find the "Zones" list and tap . Activate the filter and select the zones you want. Save the changes.

Ads on vehicle

Drivers who have vehicles with the service's advertising on them have a lowered commission fee and gain a priority, meaning that they are among the first drivers to receive the orders.

The full-vehicle branding gives priority and the lowest commission fee possible for all the orders. The stickers are applied on the doors, the rear glass and the hood. Vehicles should have no rust or putty on them, and all the vehicle's elements should be painted in the same colour. Bumpers, mirrors and door handles should be in good condition. These ads are made on high-quality material. They don't damage the vehicle's paint.

Drivers with the sticker on the rear glass have the decreased commission fee for orders. The vehicles should be in good condition without any body damages.

You can place a request for branding in your personal profile, in the Ads on vehicle section. Passengers are more comfortable getting into cars with ads, such cars also stand out in the traffic.

If you would like to remove the advertising for any reason, for example if you are going to sell your vehicle, please inform the office employees, and they will tell you how to do it. Removing the stickers before the scheduled date without a valid reason can result in a penalty.

The conditions of gaining a priority and the commission fee amount can differ depending on a region.


The system processes the order requests from the drivers with a priority first.

Priority is granted to the drivers who didn't make any serious violations and placed ads on their vehicle. You can place a request for branding in your personal profile, in the Ads on vehicle section.

You can get an idea of the advantages given to you by branding if you receive a test priority. It's a one-time priority that lasts for 7 days. To get it, leave a request in Taxsee Driver: go to Support → Feedback → Message for management.

The priority only applies to the orders of the service that gave it to you. The conditions of gaining a priority can differ depending on a region.

Commission fee

Each service sets the commission fee amount on its own. For example, in the Maxim and Poehali services, the commission fee percentage depends on the way you receive an order. If you are assigned in advance or automatically, you will get the minimum commission fee percent. For the orders received via an offer, in chain or requested from the list, the commission fee percent is slightly higher.

Drivers who have the service's advertising on their vehicle have the minimum commission fee for all the orders they receive regardless of the way they do it. See the Ads on vehicle section for more.

The commission fee is charged from the driver's balance automatically. You can view the commission fee percentage by tapping the order price.

These conditions are valid for most cities, but they can differ depending on a region.

You can see details on your income and commission fee in your Personal profile, the Statistics section.


This tab contains chats and the "Announcements" section.

The "Announcements" section contains important information about promotions, changes and innovations. You can contact support staff to ask a question or get help without coming to the office. To do that, use your personal profile or the feedback function in the Taxsee Driver app.

Driver chats are divided into 3 categories:

  • "General" is for communication;
  • "Traffic" is for information about traffic jams, accidents, and routes;
  • "Marketplace" is for ads to buy and sell items. Ads concerning alcohol or drugs are prohibited.

Chats with passengers and operators are only available while an order is in progress.

In chats, you must not:

  • use obscenities, including disguised obscenities;
  • advertise goods, services or third-party taxi services;
  • organize provocations or encourage protests against the taxi order service;
  • discuss or criticize prices, how the office functions or the taxi order service as a whole.

Violation of these rules may cause your access to be restricted. Use the chat feature properly. Write information only in appropriate sections. Be polite. Do not insult other participants.


To do the cleaning, you should have an identity document, your second pair of shoes, and cleaning equipment.

Some tips on how to improve the quality of your work

  1. The equipment should be clean. Take the cleaning products that you have already tried on different surfaces, or else you can spoil the object you are cleaning.

  2. Use the wipes suitable for certain surfaces and types of work. Microfiber wipes would be an excellent choice.

  3. Put on a respirator or a mask, as well as rubber or cotton gloves. They will protect your skin and respiration organs from household chemicals.

  4. Before you start the cleaning, put the laundry into the washing machine, soak the dishes, cover old stains with cleaning agents, put the dusty rugs into the bathtub, and soak them with water with powder. This will help you to save time.

  5. To clean a carpet, you should use a vacuum cleaner, instead of wipes or sponges. It would be better if you bring the carpet outside, whip it, and bring it back inside after the cleaning is done.

  6. Clean the apartment, place everything as it was before, clear the rubbish.

  7. Wipe the surfaces first with a damp cloth, then with a dry one.

  8. Start cleaning from the top: clean the ceiling, bowl shades, chandeliers. Next, wipe the cabinets, wardrobes, and tables. We strongly recommend that you mop the floor last.

  9. Clean the bathroom after you are done with all the other rooms.

We recommend that you look tidy, speak politely and respectfully, and not force the conversation. Remain calm in a conflict situation, try to find a compromise. Be ethical.

When cleaning, you shouldn't:

  • send another performer to the order;

  • arrive to the order with strangers;

  • arrive to the order while intoxicated;

  • cancel the order in the app and actually complete it. Such cancelations are easy to track, and we stop working with dishonest performers;

  • mention other clients, their addresses and last names;

  • open wardrobes and bedside tables without the client's permission;

  • take the client's personal belongings, or rearrange interior items without their permission;

  • leave the place of your work without notifying the client and without a valid excuse.

After you are done, your client can rate your job. Good ratings largely depend on how polite and friendly you are, and how thorough your cleaning is.

What if you have arrived at the address of the order, but the client doesn't answer your calls

Wait for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, try to call the client. We recommend that you call them 4 times. If they don't answer, open Actions → Cancel the order → Client has canceled the order. Specify "Can't reach the client" in the comment field.


Clients can order:

  • electrician services: setting up a socket, a switch or a lamp, finding and fixing defective wiring.

  • plumbing services: changing a mixer or a sink, unblocking or stopping a leak, sealing seams.

  • repair assistance: hanging a mirror, a picture, a curtain holder, a TV, wall cabinets, or shelves.

Be sure to read the comment to an order carefully. Sometimes, certain skills are required. For example, repairing or adjusting electric or sanitary systems.

Don't forget to bring along:

  • your identity document;

  • work clothes, if any;

  • your second pair of shoes;

  • your tools.

Some tips on how to improve the quality of your work

  1. Identify the issue, assess the scope of work that should be done, and plan out your work.

  2. If you need to turn the water off at the mainline or turn off the circuit breaker, you should tell the client about that first.

  3. Observe the safety regulations.

  4. Be careful when working, specifically when dealing with the client's property.

  5. After you are done, take out the rubbish.

We recommend that you look tidy, speak politely and respectfully, and not force the conversation. Remain calm in a conflict situation, try to find a compromise. Be ethical.

When performing an order, you shouldn't:

  • send another performer to the order;

  • arrive to the order with strangers;

  • arrive to the order while intoxicated;

  • cancel the order in the app and actually complete it. Such cancelations are easy to track, and we stop working with dishonest performers;

  • mention other clients, their addresses and last names;

  • open wardrobes and bedside tables without the client's permission;

  • take the client's personal belongings, or rearrange interior items without their permission;

  • leave the place of your work without notifying the client and without a valid excuse.

After you are done, your client can rate your job. Good ratings largely depend on how polite and friendly you are, and how well-done your job is.

The first hour is paid in full, everything what's further is paid by minute. After you complete the order, you should specify the total amount paid by the client.

Go to the "Commission fee" section for more info on commission fee.


There are 2 delivery rates: "Shopping and delivery" and "Courier". Rate names may differ in some countries.

Shopping and delivery

You will need to buy groceries, medicine, and other goods, and deliver them to the client.

The price of the service includes shopping and delivery to the door.

Some tips on how to improve the quality of your work:

  1. You should buy the goods at verified shops only. Do not buy anything in the subway, shopping center lobby, or just on the street.

  2. If there is no shop address specified, select the nearest one.

  3. If the required goods are out of stock, call the client and ask if you can buy something instead of them.

  4. Be sure to get a receipt. Its date should match the purchase date.


Transportation of documents, packages, or goods. You will need to take the package from the sender and hand it to the recipient.

Ask the client for the info on size and weight of the package in advance, before you arrive at their address. If the package won't fit the trunk or the interior of your vehicle, explain the reason for canceling to the client and cancel the order, specifying "The order is made incorrectly" as a reason.

When you arrive at the client's location, call them and tell them that you have arrived.

If there is the "Door-to-door" extra, you should go to the sender, pick up the package and deliver it to the recipient's apartment or office.

Some tips on how to improve the quality of your work:

  1. Examine the wrapping. If it's torn, opened, or crumpled, take a picture of the package with the sender present.

  2. If it's not a shop that gives you a package to deliver, you should ask the sender to show you what is inside. The insides of the package should match the description from the comment to the order.

  3. When completing an order, bring your identity document with you.

  4. If it's too hard to reach the client's location, contact them and arrange a pick-up point.

  5. We recommend that you look tidy, be polite and respectful, and don't force conversations. Remain calm in a conflict situation, try to reach a compromise. If a client demands compensation, tell them that you will inform the management, and write about it in Feedback. Be ethical.

It is forbidden to:

  • send another performer to the order;

  • arrive to the order while intoxicated;

  • cancel the order in the app and actually complete it. Such cancelations are easy to track, and we stop working with dishonest performers;

  • mention other clients, their addresses and last names;

  • open the package without the client's permission;

  • transport money, jewelry, animals, weapons, drugs, explosives, and other items prohibited by the law of the country where the service is provided.

After you are done, your client can rate your job. Good ratings largely depend on how polite and friendly you are, and how well-done your job is.

What to do if you can't reach the client

Wait for 5 minutes. While you wait, try to reach the client. We recommend that you call at least two times.

If you can't reach the recipient, call the sender and ask them what you should do with the package. It's possible that you will need to return the package or keep it until you the recipient contacts you via feedback.

If the client doesn't answer, tap Actions on the order screen → Cancel the order → Client has canceled the order. In the comment, specify: "Client doesn't answer the phone".